A great kitchen table is the linchpin of any beautiful kitchen design and the centerpiece of all at-home entertainment. Choosing the perfect kitchen table will give family and friends a wonderful space to gather around, a comfortable and elegant setting to enjoy delicious food and wonderful fellowship.

When choosing a kitchen table, you should consider the proportions of your space, the overall design of your room, and the setting that you are trying to achieve. To get you started, we have listed three types of kitchen tables and the kitchen designs that they work well with.

Classic Rectangle Kitchen Table

A long wooden table has long been the favored centerpiece of kitchen design, and it’s tough to beat the classics. This versatile design works everywhere from a farmhouse kitchen to an elegant dining room, depending on the style of wood that you choose.

kitchen table Photo: Apartment Therapy

The simple stone top and rough wooden beams lend a rustic elegance to this spacious country kitchen. When using a rectangle table, there is room to get creative with your seating. Cover chairs in leather or plush fabric will give your table a more luxurious feel, while painted picnic benches would promote a more casual atmosphere.

The Round Kitchen Table

Round tables are a great way to make the most of smaller spaces and create comfortable, intimate seating. Once again, the look depends a lot on the material that you use. If you want to inject a note of formality into your dining space, go for dark, rich woods and ornamental bases. If you want to keep your kitchen open and light, consider choosing a glass table top with a simple metal or wrought iron base.

kitchen tablePhoto: Austrailian Vogue Living, Richard Powers

Here, the table’s rich dark wood complements the formal elegance of antique chairs and provides a strong focal point within the room’s white paneling.


Banquette seating is a great way to add both storage and seating to your kitchen. Banquettes are best used in more casual kitchen and breakfast nooks, rather than formal dining rooms.

kitchen tablePhoto: casugar.com

Banquette seating is a great way to inject a playful note in your kitchen design. Here, fabric and pillows add color and pattern the kitchen’s design, while the simple, elegant glass table balances everything out.