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Bright, Bold, Beautiful! 3 Ways to Color Your Living Room Design

It’s spring again and the new spring trend, from personal style to interior design, is color. Bright throw pillows, bold living room furniture, bright wall-coverings, and bold prints make up the spring 2012 interior design trend towards color! 

Orange Living Room decorImage:

The hot living room color for this year is orange. Commonly paired with a cool blue, orange definitely makes a statement! Orange living room drapes look lovely in this living room. 

Orange living room Drapes


But how do you incorporate this new trend into your classic living rooms? 

bright living room design, blue

Balancing color

Bright colors should come with a warning label that reads: used sparingly! Bright colors easily overwhelm. Bright, printed accent pillows in lieu of a matching upholstered, printed arm chair along with a throw and ottoman a shade darker achieve the bright blue that characterizes this space. White couch and chair combined with navy walls make up the perfect backdrop for the splash of color from the accents! Offsetting the bold blue colors with white and navy anchors the space. 


Orange accent living room design


Accessories and accents 

The bright colors of spring 2012 interior design trend may not always be in style. A great way to still incorporate color without having to redesign your living room every year is to invest in bright accents and accessories. The bright pillow accent pieces and ceramic accessories complement the space without costing an arm and a leg


Bright living Room



Just like bright color, bright prints need to be balanced. The yellow printed wall-coverings and grey printed carpet are enough print for this room. The solid blue chair, solid grey couch, and solid yellow window treatments tone down the prints. Yellow and blue is a great complementary color combination. 


What do you think of the color craze dominating design in 2012?



Kitchen Design: What Can White do for Your Kitchen?

A classic kitchen design that should not be overlooked: white kitchens. Opting for white cabinets over a kitchen cabinet stain in your new construction kitchen or kitchen remodel can fullfill a variety of needs. 

white kitchen cabinets


White naturally reflects light, having a kitchen that has white will make the space seem brighter and more open, even if you don’t have windows within the immediate room. Another way to further achieve this effect is to have white glass kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets


If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen with windows, white is a great complement to the natural light.  A white kitchen with windows really pops!

White Open kitchen design


Whether your kitchen is totally white or simply has white kitchen cabinets, white is a timeless color that meshes with many interior kitchen design schemes. 

Gibson design group recently did a kitchen design with white cabinets and black granite countertops. A classic kitchen design combination.

White Kitchen cabinetsImage:

Even if traditional kitchen design is not your style. White works with modern kitchen design as well. 

Modern White Kitchen design


White is also a great way to accent a specific characteristic of your kitchen. In the picture below the highlighted beamed ceiling kitchen doesn’t compete with the white/light colors of the rest of the kitchen. 

beamed ceiling kitchen


Above all, white is not a trendy color. If your kitchen is traditionally designed in white it will never go out of style. 

What do you think of white kitchens?