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Take Trendy Kitchen Design to the Next Level, Retro Refrigerators

Old is new again with the newest trend in kitchen interior design: retro refirgerators. Think bright colored refrigerators reminescent of the 1950s.

Big Chill Retro refrigerator


The iconic 1950s look doesn’t mean it has to function like a refrigerator from 60 years ago! Big Chill offers retro style refrigerators and a range of other appliances that have the amenities of today’s refrigerators. Choose from a variety of colors and size combinations!

Northstar also carries a line of retro refrigerators in a variety of colors.

Northstar retro refrigerators Image:

A 50s refrigerator adds a punch of color into a modern kitchen. They’re even perfect for a small space because you can get them fairly small as well. What a perfect addition to a studio apartment?

Retro Refrigerator, modern kitchen


The refrigerators don’t have to be bright either! Check out the below picture with a black, 50s style refrigerator.


vintage appliance kitchen


Get vinage appliances to match the refrigerator. The above kitchen is a great example of incorporating retro appliances into a modern kitchen. If you’re remodeling a kitchen with out-dated appliance, embrace an older stove by complimenting it with a retro refrigerator! It looks like the kitchen above may have done this, look at the amazing vintage stove top and oven!

What do you think about the new trend towards retro kitchen design?

Messy Family & Elegant Taste? Try Out These Family-Friendly Fabrics!

It’s a puzzle so many families try to solve: how to have a kid-friendly, elegant home? Family-friendly fabrics make having it all a lot more possible!

Kid-friendly fabrics may sound like a contradiction to some, but fortunately with the multitude of indoor/outdoor fabrics this legend has now become a reality.

Indoor/outdoor fabrics are not limited to outdoor spaces. There are so many fabrics to choose from you’ll wonder why you didn’t look before. Check out these cool geometric, indoor outdoor prints:

Seaboard Day Lily

Seaboard Day lily indoor outdoor fabric


Richloom Solarium Outdoor Kirkwood Palm

Indoor outdoor fabric kirkwood palm


Slick Outdoor Coral 

Indoor outdoor fabric coral


Indoor outdoor fabrics don’t have to be unstylish! For a designer line, check out Trina Turk indoor outdoor fabrics she’s released. Check out some samples from her collection for Schumacher:

                                                    Santorini Print

Trina Turk indoor outdoor fabric

                                                     Arches Print

trina turk indoor outdoor fabric 2

                                                     Trellis Print

trina turk indoor outdoor fabric 3Images:

What make these fabrics perfect for a home with children? They’re so easy to clean! You can literally whipe up any spill or accident with a cloth or a sponge for deeper stains! They come in all sorts of colors, patterns, solids, textures! Check out this indoor outdoor velvet:

                                                   Surfside Cocoa

indoor outdoor velvet                                           Image:

Add these easy-clean fabrics to any living room design or family room design to make it kid-friendly!

How Interesting Wing Chairs Can Make Your Living Space Fly!

Historically, wing chairs served a practical purpose: to protect the head from drafts and keep in the heat in the colonial wintertime. Nowadays, they are the perfect traditional addition to living room design

interesting wing chairs


Wing chairs or wing back chairs are upholstered chairs with high backs, “wings” (hence their name), arm rests, and many have exposed wooden legs. Although the definition of a wing chair has become much more broad. They come in a variety of types: all kinds of different wing shapes, sizes, and styles.  

A few interesting wing chairs are shown. They accent family room design or living room design nicely. They may even serve as an elegant touch to a bedroom. 

English Georgian Wing chair with walnut legs:

Georgian wing chair 1800s


Chesterfield wing Chair:

Chesterfield wing chair


Queen Anne wing chair:

Queen Anne Wing Chair


It’s easy to see these chairs fitting into a classic living room. If traditional antique design isn’t your style, there is even a modern design wing chair. It’s really cool to see the modern take on this colonial classic…

Chimney wing chair by Edward Ferrel:

Chimney wing chair

Duncan Chair by Oly Studio:

Duncan Chair by oly studio


For more modern wing chairs, check out Elle Decor’s Top 10 Wing Chair article! These are some really great chairs!


5 Questions to Ask to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet Design

When choosing a kitchen design, kitchen faucet design may seem like an afterthought. But depending on the functions of the sink, this can change the type of faucet you choose. Here’s a guide to choosing a functional kitchen faucet:

What Kitchen Faucet Finish should you choose?

Depending on what you think is more important for your particular kitchen, scratches or ease of cleaning, this should dictate the finish you choose. 

Delta Chrome Kitchen Faucet


A chrome finished kitchen faucet holds up best to a variety of household cleaners. If you plan to use tough cleaners on your kitchen faucet this is probably the best finish to choose.

brushed nickel kitchen faucetImage:

A brushed finished kitchen faucet, on the other hand, doesn’t scratch as easily (  The brushed finish can come in a variety of colors, above is brushed nickel finish.

How many handles will your sink have?

This is of particular concern if you’re doing a kitchen redesign. How many holes do you have to fill in your existing countertop? You can opt for the standard two handle controlled sink, but here are some other options to consider:

single handle kitchen faucetImage:

A one handle kitchen faucet is popular, but this can be hard to use. Also, if you have a backsplash, you want to be sure the handle won’t interfere with the backsplash. 

High tech Aquabrass kitchen faucet


Another option is the newest technology kitchen faucet, with no handles. This faucet has digital temperature controls.

Delta touch technology kitchen sink


Another new technology is a no-hassle faucet ideal for the frequent cook and baker. No need to dirty your kitchen faucet with the easy touch technology design. It is important to note these faucets can be a little on the expensive side, howerever.  

Where is the kitchen faucet?

This question can answer many of the quesitons above, if you keep in mind what the sink is used for this can help determine the type of faucet you want. Fixture design can vary drastically depending on the location of the sink: indoor kitchen faucet design will differ a lot from outdoor kitchen faucet design. Also a bar kitchen faucet should have much different functional demands compared to the kitchen faucet in your main kitchen. Don’t spend mega bucks on the bar sink!

How often do you use the faucet and what do you use it for?

How often you use the will determine how hardy you need the kitchen faucet to be. What you use it for will determine how much swing you need. Swing is how far the faucet goes around, a faucet can be anywhere from limited stationary swing to a full unlimited swing ( How the sink functions will also determine if you need a faucet with shower capability or not. Are you washing dishes in the sink? If so, you should probably opt for the shower head capability faucet. 

What price point should you choose?

If you’re on a budget not to worry! Consumer Reports says these days all but the cheapest faucets have better valves. Most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty that covers leaks and stains” ( Interior kitchen faucet design is pretty standard quality across the board so no need to feel like you need to spend an arm and a leg for a kitchen faucet! 

Inside the 2012 Charlottesville Design House!

Gibson Design Group was once again choosen as one of the lucky designers to participate in designing a room in the 2012 Charlottesville Design House. The Charlottesville Design house is an annual fundraiser benefiting the Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE) which provides advice and a safe haven for victims of domestic violence. 



The 2012 design house is a transitional style house. Some unique architectural features of the house include large windows, 2-story quartz fireplace, and a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom cottage! The Ivy Farm house belongs to Sanjiv and Cindy Kaul who generously donated their home to be decorated for the fundraiser. 

2012 Charlottesville Design House screened porch

Each designer takes on a room of the house and adds their own personal touch to the space. Andrea Gibson of Gibson Design Group had the opportunity to design the screened porch! Let’s take a look at the outdoor design…

Charlottesville Design House 2012

Geometric print pillows and a cool sea shell accessory characterize the interesting sunroom, how fun?! 

2012 Charlottesville Design House

2012 Charlottesville Design HouseThe pop of color from the bright red side table provides a focal point of the enclosed porch. What interesting straw chairs! The picture below shows that straw furniture doesn’t have to match, use a unifying pillow print to make the differing styles a set! 

2012 Charlottesville Design House sunroom

What an elegant outdoor space?! The sunroom certainly has a lot to work with with the gorgeous windows practically surrounding the space. Some flowery, printed drapes accent the large windows and frame the nature views!

Curtains, 2012 Charlottesville Design House

A fish painting takes up the small wall space there is by the screen door, McCord approves! 

2012 Charlottesville Design House screened porch

Order your tickets online today for the 2012 Charlottesville Design House tour. One time tickets are only $20 and $15 for a group of 5 or more! An awesome interior design showhouse, supporting a great cause! What more could you ask for?!