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Add Some Color to your Life, Choose a Bright Bedroom Design!

Your bedroom interior design says a lot about who you are, so why not make it say I’m fun, bold, and lively!? By adding color to the room you see everyday, your bedroom will be instantly energized. Here are some ways to kick-start your bedroom color:

Colorful Bedroom


 Many people shy away from color because they think it will overwhelm their space. The apartment above shows how just a couple pops of color on a white or nearly white room really stands out and serves to brighten the space! Add your favorite color in easy-to-change accents like draperies or a bedspread! 

Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection


We talked about how bright furniture pieces can add a lot to living room design, this is also true for bedroom design. Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection is a great source for tasteful, bright furniture and fun, bold bedspreads

Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection Chair


Oomph, a website discovered earlier in the year at the High Point Furniture Market is another great source for bright furniture. Their side tables are to-die-for!

Oomph side table


The key with using color is to either use complementary colors or a single-color, color scheme. Below is one of my favorite color combinations, blue and yellow!

blue and yellow bedroom design


Remember that a few simple pieces can really boost your color, but the amount of color is up to you! Use colors that you like and can live with on a daily basis. May your life be brightened by your new colorful bedroom!

Best Bathroom Faucet Design

What faucet should you choose for your new or renovated bathroom? We talked before about the best kitchen faucet design, but the function of bathroom faucets are different than kitchen faucets. What type of bathroom are you choosing a faucet for: a half bath or full bath?

Half Bath Faucet Design

Hall bathrooms or half baths are used less often. The faucet you choose can be more decorative and less functional because this bathroom sink isn’t used for more than washing your hands!

Wall mount faucet and basin bowl


A really cool bathroom faucet to consider is a wall mounted faucet. Paired with a colorful bowl or large basin the combination can really define your half bath! 

wall mounted faucet and basin bowl


Full Bath Faucet Design

Full baths or bedroom baths are used much more frequently and for much more than washing your hands! Gels, creams, and other pastes are sure to get on the sink and faucet so make sure both are easy to clean.

chrome bathroom faucet


A chrome finish is the easiest to clean, this is probably the best bet for a frequently used faucet. The downside to the wall mount faucet discussed before is that you’re probably going to be getting the wall dirty and cleaning the wall as well as the faucet. This is a downside to this style faucet design. The basin look can still be achieved without a wall mount faucet, however. 

Glass Basin Bathroom SinkImage:


Bathroom faucets can be functional and trendy. You just need to consider what you will be using the faucet for and make sure it facilitates those activities!

3 Tips for Tasteful and Functional Beach House Interior Design

It’s summertime again! Think watermelon, warm weather, and tans! Many families travel to the beach at least once during the summer and some are even lucky enough to own a beach house. A challenge for beach house or condo owners is how to make a functional and tasteful beach house. Here are some tips to help you design your beach house!

Light colored living room

Image: ElleDecor

1. Easy Clean Fabric

You need an easy-clean, low maintenance condo or house! Be realistic, this is a place where sand is tracked in all the time! DO NOT use a fabric that is hard to clean. Think about using kid-friendly fabrics! Outdoor fabrics work best and are easy to whip off without ruining the fabric! Check out this nautical outdoor fabric design:

Premier Prints Cadence Deep Blue

Premier Prints, Cadence Deep Blue (UK-067) |

2. Waterproof Flooring

Many condos have tile throughout. While this is a great option to provide the waterproof beach house floor that is a neccessity, there are other waterproof options. Wood laminate floor is a great option for a more classic look. Make sure it is 100% waterproof!

3. Don’t Go Shell Crazy!

Many beach condos go overboard with the “beach theme”. To avoid looking cheesy, try a more toned down nautical theme. Try using a blue/navy color scheme or classic nautical accessories: anchors, sailboats, coral, etc.

Elle Decor Living Room Blue

Image: ElleDecor

In the screened porch we designed for the Charlottesville Design House we used some shell accessories. Use accessories like these and combine them with diversified nautical accessories to achieve a more timeless nautical living area in your beach house or condo!

Charlottesville Design House

Sunroom in the Charlottesville Design House

Traveling to Key West? Don’t Miss The Best Key West Spots!

After designing a cottage in Key West and having the furnishings installed, I spent some time on the island.  At 4 mi long and 2 mi wide, Key West is home to just over 25,000 people.  

Key West Island

A half day trip to the national park of Dry Tortuga was very special.  We took a seaplane the 70 miles to the island with Fort Jefferson on it and spent several hours exploring the Fort and the surrounding waters.

Fort Jefferson

Fort Jefferson, Key West

Fort Jefferson, Key West


National Park Dry Tortuga

Another morning, a kayak trip was two hours of pretty heavy paddling through mangrove water paths where we saw sea cucumbers, fish and star fish.

Dry Tortuga, Fort Jefferson
We went to some of the best key west restaurants were places like 7 Fish and Cafe Sole for dinner and Camille’s, Sarabeth and Blackfin Bistro for lunch.

Southernmost, Key West
The best Key West hotel I think is the Southernmost on the Beach.  It has beautiful rooms, view and a great staff including concierge extraordinaire Jules! Certainly much different from the Washington D.C. hotels I’m used to, but fun all the same!

Key West ship


Best Key West shopping is at the very eclectic Besame Mucho in Bahama Village.

There is very distinctive key west architecture that is very much of the island.