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How to Make a Small Space Appear Larger

Can’t afford to upgrade to a larger home or apartment? No problem! Here are some easy ways you can enlarge the appearance of your home without demolishing walls or breaking the bank.



1.  Enlarge the appearance of your windows

You can make a room appear larger by raising and extending your curtain rods past the height and length of your windows.

You will want the curtains to surpass the length of the window by a few inches, and hang several inches above the window casing.  Oh, and be sure to pick a curtain length that reaches all the way to the floor!


Here is an image that demonstrates this idea:

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2.  Purchase the right size furniture


Even I am guilty of purchasing furniture that is too large for a space. It is very important that you choose furniture that is to scale; choosing furniture that is too large for a room will just make the space appear smaller.

Also, if you’re really tight on space you could consider purchasing multifunctional or extendable furniture to eliminate clutter!

describe the image




3. Choose a light paint color for your walls


Dark colored walls absorb light, which can cause a space to feel smaller than it really is.

Light colored walls, however, are more reflective so they have the ability to make a space feel more open or airy.

By choosing paint colors that are lighter in the color spectrum (such as light blues, greys and creams) one can inexpensively change the way a room feels.


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Newest Wallcovering, This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Wallpaper

Geometric print is the newest trend from furniture to accent pillows, so why not incorporate it in your wallpaper as well? From bedroom design to living room design, an accent wall with a geometric print will make any room more interesting!

Geometric Print Jeff Lewis


The idea for this amazing accent wall came from the wallpaper in Jeff Lewis’s office on Flipping Out, his Bravo show. Here are some similar geometric wallpaper finds!

Brewster Wallcoverings offers a variety of geometric printed wallpaper, including the one below!

Brewster Geometric wallpaper sample


The Wallpaper Company also provides some cool geometric print wallcovering options as well other modern wallpaper choices. Check out the vertical striped wallcovering below. How perfect would this be in any nautical themed room?!

The Wallcovering Company vertical stripe wallpaper


Another trend is textured wallcovering. What a great way to add depth to any room! Total Wallcovering has an awesome selection of grasscloth wallcovering in a variety of colors! Check out this Norwall sample in Natural Grasscloth:

Natural grasscloth wallcovering


Whatever you choose to do on your wall don’t dismiss the interesting prints and textures you can achieve with wallpaper! The newest wallcovering options transform what you previously thought of wallpaper!

Messy Family & Elegant Taste? Try Out These Family-Friendly Fabrics!

It’s a puzzle so many families try to solve: how to have a kid-friendly, elegant home? Family-friendly fabrics make having it all a lot more possible!

Kid-friendly fabrics may sound like a contradiction to some, but fortunately with the multitude of indoor/outdoor fabrics this legend has now become a reality.

Indoor/outdoor fabrics are not limited to outdoor spaces. There are so many fabrics to choose from you’ll wonder why you didn’t look before. Check out these cool geometric, indoor outdoor prints:

Seaboard Day Lily

Seaboard Day lily indoor outdoor fabric


Richloom Solarium Outdoor Kirkwood Palm

Indoor outdoor fabric kirkwood palm


Slick Outdoor Coral 

Indoor outdoor fabric coral


Indoor outdoor fabrics don’t have to be unstylish! For a designer line, check out Trina Turk indoor outdoor fabrics she’s released. Check out some samples from her collection for Schumacher:

                                                    Santorini Print

Trina Turk indoor outdoor fabric

                                                     Arches Print

trina turk indoor outdoor fabric 2

                                                     Trellis Print

trina turk indoor outdoor fabric 3Images:

What make these fabrics perfect for a home with children? They’re so easy to clean! You can literally whipe up any spill or accident with a cloth or a sponge for deeper stains! They come in all sorts of colors, patterns, solids, textures! Check out this indoor outdoor velvet:

                                                   Surfside Cocoa

indoor outdoor velvet                                           Image:

Add these easy-clean fabrics to any living room design or family room design to make it kid-friendly!

How Interesting Wing Chairs Can Make Your Living Space Fly!

Historically, wing chairs served a practical purpose: to protect the head from drafts and keep in the heat in the colonial wintertime. Nowadays, they are the perfect traditional addition to living room design

interesting wing chairs


Wing chairs or wing back chairs are upholstered chairs with high backs, “wings” (hence their name), arm rests, and many have exposed wooden legs. Although the definition of a wing chair has become much more broad. They come in a variety of types: all kinds of different wing shapes, sizes, and styles.  

A few interesting wing chairs are shown. They accent family room design or living room design nicely. They may even serve as an elegant touch to a bedroom. 

English Georgian Wing chair with walnut legs:

Georgian wing chair 1800s


Chesterfield wing Chair:

Chesterfield wing chair


Queen Anne wing chair:

Queen Anne Wing Chair


It’s easy to see these chairs fitting into a classic living room. If traditional antique design isn’t your style, there is even a modern design wing chair. It’s really cool to see the modern take on this colonial classic…

Chimney wing chair by Edward Ferrel:

Chimney wing chair

Duncan Chair by Oly Studio:

Duncan Chair by oly studio


For more modern wing chairs, check out Elle Decor’s Top 10 Wing Chair article! These are some really great chairs!


Favorite Online Sources for Home Accessories

Shopping for home accessories online, but don’t know where to start? Here are a few of our favorite online resources for home accessories:

One Kings lane is one of the best home accessory websites. Sorted by different types of home accessories, you’re sure to find whatever it is you’re looking for. Remember our article about outdoor accessories? You can find the perfect outdoor accessories to liven up your backyard living space at One Kings Lane. Try this turquoise vintage flower pot:

Bright, vintage flower pot


The site gives you an excellent selection, including a section dedicated to vintage and market finds. Also explore a generous sale section. Below are pair of faux bamboo Chippendale armchairs 50% off!

Faux Bamboo Chippendale Armchairs


The website is consistently updated with featured sale categories that end after a certain time. You’re always promised a new shopping experience! A current feature is A Pop of Color, it ends 4/19 so hurry to catch pillows and throws the the one below!

Chevron Pillow, Blue, Frog Hill Designs    



For a more home décor selection visit Horchow is another favorite online resource. Fixtures and furniture are also available at this site, but a section is dedicated to décor. 

Jonathan Adler Plates

Horchow provides a upscale, home accessories. Above you see a sample, some plates by Jonathan Adler. 

Another helpful online resource for home accessories is Joss & Main. Like One Kings Lane, Joss & Main has featured categories or designers. A mirror by Howard Elliot doned the Sagittarius Mirror is shown below.

Howard Elliot Mirror, Joss


Another favorite, with more utilitarian accessories, is Frontgate. Take the no-sweat drink bucket, perfect for any party and any surface!

Frontgate Optima Ice Bucket


Do you have any favorite websites for home accessories?

Transform Outdoor Space with Yard Ornaments

How do you create elegant outdoor living areas with an expansive yard and not much landscape? This is a problem for many residence, especially when creating outdoor living areas in Virginia. One solution: yard and garden ornaments. 

The Phillips Collection

The Phillips Collection, sheep yard ornamentsImage:

The Phillips Collection is a great way to jazz up your expansive backyard! Whether you’re looking for a realistic, animal sculpture or a basin fountain the Phillips Collection has a variety of garden ornaments to meet your needs. Our very own Andrea Gibson of Gibson Design Group has two of the above sheep in her backyard! The fun yard ornaments break up a sparce backyard. Other items include a variety of sculptures: buddha sculptures, vase sculptures, spherical sculptures; and furniture and touches for your outdoor design. 

Phillips Collection Sculpture


Garden Park Antiques

Antique Chimney Pot


If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind garden antique to define your outdoor space, Keith Merry’s Garden Park Antiques in Nashville, TN is where you should look. Antique Furniture, antique lighting, antique ironwork, antique sculptures, antique architectural pieces, etc. can be found at Garden Park Antiques. Beautiful terracotta flower pots, iron railings, and miscellaneous items make up the ever-changing inventory at Garden Park Antiques. If you’re fortunate enough to live in or around this area, visit the Garden Park Antique showroom for all your Nashville, TN yard ornament needs! If not, you can also get the unique pieces shipped to you on their website. 

Garden Park Antique, Antique cast-iron Garden urn


Bright, Bold, Beautiful! 3 Ways to Color Your Living Room Design

It’s spring again and the new spring trend, from personal style to interior design, is color. Bright throw pillows, bold living room furniture, bright wall-coverings, and bold prints make up the spring 2012 interior design trend towards color! 

Orange Living Room decorImage:

The hot living room color for this year is orange. Commonly paired with a cool blue, orange definitely makes a statement! Orange living room drapes look lovely in this living room. 

Orange living room Drapes


But how do you incorporate this new trend into your classic living rooms? 

bright living room design, blue

Balancing color

Bright colors should come with a warning label that reads: used sparingly! Bright colors easily overwhelm. Bright, printed accent pillows in lieu of a matching upholstered, printed arm chair along with a throw and ottoman a shade darker achieve the bright blue that characterizes this space. White couch and chair combined with navy walls make up the perfect backdrop for the splash of color from the accents! Offsetting the bold blue colors with white and navy anchors the space. 


Orange accent living room design


Accessories and accents 

The bright colors of spring 2012 interior design trend may not always be in style. A great way to still incorporate color without having to redesign your living room every year is to invest in bright accents and accessories. The bright pillow accent pieces and ceramic accessories complement the space without costing an arm and a leg


Bright living Room



Just like bright color, bright prints need to be balanced. The yellow printed wall-coverings and grey printed carpet are enough print for this room. The solid blue chair, solid grey couch, and solid yellow window treatments tone down the prints. Yellow and blue is a great complementary color combination. 


What do you think of the color craze dominating design in 2012?



3 Tips for Elegant Outdoor Living Areas

Elegant outdoor living areas add a warm and gracious touch to any home, opening up so many possibilities for entertaining and family fun. With some careful planning and a healthy dose of creativity, you can create a comfortable, elegant outdoor living area where your family will enjoy everything from quiet fall evenings to large summer barbecues. Check out our tips and get started on designing your own elegant outdoor living area.

Divide your outdoor living space into smaller areas

Use different groupings of furniture to make a large outdoor space feel more intimate and cozy. Designate one area for dining, one for cooking, and another for casual seating. Position furniture or plants to create subtle divides without entirely blocking off each section.

Elegant outdoor living areaPhoto: Gibson Design Group

Here, bamboo partitions subtly and beautifully divide the dining and seating areas while still allowing the space to feel open and airy.

Anchor your space with fire

A dramatic fireplace is a great way to anchor your outdoor living area while also boosting its capability. A roaring fire will help keep your space warm even during colder months, ensuring that you get as much use out of your outdoor living area as possible.

Elegant Outdoor Living AreasPhoto: Architectural Digest via

If a stone fireplace is rather out of your price range, consider adding a large firepit. Open firepits give off a lot of warmth, and they are usually a hit with any smores-loving children.

Dont’ Be Afraid of Using Fabric

Pretty fabrics do not have to be confined to the indoors. As outdoor living areas have grown more and more popular, manufacturers are churning out fabric that can stand up to moisture and humidity. Using abundant fabric in your outdoor living area instantly makes the space feel more luxurious and comfortable.

Elegant Outdoor Living AreasPhoto:

9 Spillworthy Drink Tables for Elegant Interiors

In any elegant room (and any functional room!), a chair that is a far reach from the cocktail table must have a small drink table or surface.  A drink table does not have to be a typical side table but should be somewhere that you can set something small.

In my living room, I even have a wooden step stool from my childhood with books stacked on top that serves as a drink table for one of my side chairs.


This week’s design must-have was a piece of jewelry for your living room–a hammered silver finish drink stool–that inspired me to show some beautiful drink tables to make your living room more luxurious.

9 great drink tables


1. antique brass finish on a twisted metal drink table

2. acrylic “I” accent table

3. metal grid cylinder table with glass top

4. 1920s handpainted hexagonal Moroccan table

5. gold finish “stump” table

6. U-shaped herringbone wood table

7. hammered silver finish drink stool

8. black ceramic garden stool with circular design

9. metal Z design accent table

All information on drink tables is posted on my board on Pinterest.