The most important aspect of a bathroom is that it is clean, and what color says clean better than white? We already talked about white being a great color for kitchens, but white is the perfect color for any bathroom design as well! 

The Minimalist White bathroom

Minimalist White Bathroom


White is a logical color for this no-fuss design scheme. White is simple, straight forward, and neat. Just look at the clean-lined, minimalist bathroom above. The stright lines and simplicity of the design stand out when they’re complimented by the white walls and countertop. Even the rather simple bouquet of flowers adorning the top of the counter pops in the monochromatic simplicity. This design is very sharp and clean. 

White Marble Bathroom

White Marble Bathroom




For a more elegant white bathroom, pair white with marble. The picture to the left shows an antique white bathroom. Paired with marble, white can fit into any traditional design. Tall cielings and small fixtures compliment the white and marble. This bathroom has an older feeling while still maintaining the clean aesthetic that compliments white!







Off White Bathroom

Romantic Off-White BathroomImage:

A white bathroom doesn’t necessarily have to be stark white to have the same qualifiers. Take the off-white bathroom above. It is still clean and light, but the off-white color makes it a more warm and welcoming bathroom. The chandeliers and ethereal rug transform the white bathroom into a romantic, feminine bathroom.

The Space Opening Element of White

Bright, White Bathroom Image:

 The magic of white is its property as a space multiplier. The picture to above is an example of white opening a space. White reflects light, so a bathroom with mirrors (and maybe windows) will instantly be opened up. Bathrooms can often be small too, so the light, open quality of white is particularly appealing. The bathroom above is all white: white walls, white cabinets, white floors, white fixtures, but even a majority white space will have a similar open effect.