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Three Twists on the Traditional Bunk Bed

As a child, I hated sharing a room with my sibling. Our room always felt dark, cramped and unorganized. Here I’ve provided 3 spaces that are open and refreshing; just as a children’s room should be!


1. Floating Bunk Beds

Here, by eliminating the bunk bed frames, the designer was able to achieve a more open floor plan. Suspending the beds with cables and rope is a nice alternative to those chunky frames, no?


2. Built-in Bunk Beds

Pushing the beds against the walls and creating an alcove allows the space to appear cleaner and more open. I love the added storage beneath the bed, perfect for extra blankets or pillows during a sleepover.


3. Something They Can Grow Into

I love that they used both twin and regular sized beds here. The fact that they appear to be built into the space and are not free standing makes the space seem less juvenile. Is this a children’s room? The space is so clean and sophisticated; I can’t tell! This is a great idea if you plan on staying in your home long-term; it is a timeless design and will need little to no adjustments as the children grow.

Newest Wallcovering, This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Wallpaper

Geometric print is the newest trend from furniture to accent pillows, so why not incorporate it in your wallpaper as well? From bedroom design to living room design, an accent wall with a geometric print will make any room more interesting!

Geometric Print Jeff Lewis


The idea for this amazing accent wall came from the wallpaper in Jeff Lewis’s office on Flipping Out, his Bravo show. Here are some similar geometric wallpaper finds!

Brewster Wallcoverings offers a variety of geometric printed wallpaper, including the one below!

Brewster Geometric wallpaper sample


The Wallpaper Company also provides some cool geometric print wallcovering options as well other modern wallpaper choices. Check out the vertical striped wallcovering below. How perfect would this be in any nautical themed room?!

The Wallcovering Company vertical stripe wallpaper


Another trend is textured wallcovering. What a great way to add depth to any room! Total Wallcovering has an awesome selection of grasscloth wallcovering in a variety of colors! Check out this Norwall sample in Natural Grasscloth:

Natural grasscloth wallcovering


Whatever you choose to do on your wall don’t dismiss the interesting prints and textures you can achieve with wallpaper! The newest wallcovering options transform what you previously thought of wallpaper!

Add Some Color to your Life, Choose a Bright Bedroom Design!

Your bedroom interior design says a lot about who you are, so why not make it say I’m fun, bold, and lively!? By adding color to the room you see everyday, your bedroom will be instantly energized. Here are some ways to kick-start your bedroom color:

Colorful Bedroom


 Many people shy away from color because they think it will overwhelm their space. The apartment above shows how just a couple pops of color on a white or nearly white room really stands out and serves to brighten the space! Add your favorite color in easy-to-change accents like draperies or a bedspread! 

Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection


We talked about how bright furniture pieces can add a lot to living room design, this is also true for bedroom design. Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection is a great source for tasteful, bright furniture and fun, bold bedspreads

Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection Chair


Oomph, a website discovered earlier in the year at the High Point Furniture Market is another great source for bright furniture. Their side tables are to-die-for!

Oomph side table


The key with using color is to either use complementary colors or a single-color, color scheme. Below is one of my favorite color combinations, blue and yellow!

blue and yellow bedroom design


Remember that a few simple pieces can really boost your color, but the amount of color is up to you! Use colors that you like and can live with on a daily basis. May your life be brightened by your new colorful bedroom!