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3 Tips for Tasteful and Functional Beach House Interior Design

It’s summertime again! Think watermelon, warm weather, and tans! Many families travel to the beach at least once during the summer and some are even lucky enough to own a beach house. A challenge for beach house or condo owners is how to make a functional and tasteful beach house. Here are some tips to help you design your beach house!

Light colored living room

Image: ElleDecor

1. Easy Clean Fabric

You need an easy-clean, low maintenance condo or house! Be realistic, this is a place where sand is tracked in all the time! DO NOT use a fabric that is hard to clean. Think about using kid-friendly fabrics! Outdoor fabrics work best and are easy to whip off without ruining the fabric! Check out this nautical outdoor fabric design:

Premier Prints Cadence Deep Blue

Premier Prints, Cadence Deep Blue (UK-067) |

2. Waterproof Flooring

Many condos have tile throughout. While this is a great option to provide the waterproof beach house floor that is a neccessity, there are other waterproof options. Wood laminate floor is a great option for a more classic look. Make sure it is 100% waterproof!

3. Don’t Go Shell Crazy!

Many beach condos go overboard with the “beach theme”. To avoid looking cheesy, try a more toned down nautical theme. Try using a blue/navy color scheme or classic nautical accessories: anchors, sailboats, coral, etc.

Elle Decor Living Room Blue

Image: ElleDecor

In the screened porch we designed for the Charlottesville Design House we used some shell accessories. Use accessories like these and combine them with diversified nautical accessories to achieve a more timeless nautical living area in your beach house or condo!

Charlottesville Design House

Sunroom in the Charlottesville Design House

Inside the 2012 Charlottesville Design House!

Gibson Design Group was once again choosen as one of the lucky designers to participate in designing a room in the 2012 Charlottesville Design House. The Charlottesville Design house is an annual fundraiser benefiting the Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE) which provides advice and a safe haven for victims of domestic violence. 



The 2012 design house is a transitional style house. Some unique architectural features of the house include large windows, 2-story quartz fireplace, and a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom cottage! The Ivy Farm house belongs to Sanjiv and Cindy Kaul who generously donated their home to be decorated for the fundraiser. 

2012 Charlottesville Design House screened porch

Each designer takes on a room of the house and adds their own personal touch to the space. Andrea Gibson of Gibson Design Group had the opportunity to design the screened porch! Let’s take a look at the outdoor design…

Charlottesville Design House 2012

Geometric print pillows and a cool sea shell accessory characterize the interesting sunroom, how fun?! 

2012 Charlottesville Design House

2012 Charlottesville Design HouseThe pop of color from the bright red side table provides a focal point of the enclosed porch. What interesting straw chairs! The picture below shows that straw furniture doesn’t have to match, use a unifying pillow print to make the differing styles a set! 

2012 Charlottesville Design House sunroom

What an elegant outdoor space?! The sunroom certainly has a lot to work with with the gorgeous windows practically surrounding the space. Some flowery, printed drapes accent the large windows and frame the nature views!

Curtains, 2012 Charlottesville Design House

A fish painting takes up the small wall space there is by the screen door, McCord approves! 

2012 Charlottesville Design House screened porch

Order your tickets online today for the 2012 Charlottesville Design House tour. One time tickets are only $20 and $15 for a group of 5 or more! An awesome interior design showhouse, supporting a great cause! What more could you ask for?!