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Add Some Color to your Life, Choose a Bright Bedroom Design!

Your bedroom interior design says a lot about who you are, so why not make it say I’m fun, bold, and lively!? By adding color to the room you see everyday, your bedroom will be instantly energized. Here are some ways to kick-start your bedroom color:

Colorful Bedroom


 Many people shy away from color because they think it will overwhelm their space. The apartment above shows how just a couple pops of color on a white or nearly white room really stands out and serves to brighten the space! Add your favorite color in easy-to-change accents like draperies or a bedspread! 

Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection


We talked about how bright furniture pieces can add a lot to living room design, this is also true for bedroom design. Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection is a great source for tasteful, bright furniture and fun, bold bedspreads

Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection Chair


Oomph, a website discovered earlier in the year at the High Point Furniture Market is another great source for bright furniture. Their side tables are to-die-for!

Oomph side table


The key with using color is to either use complementary colors or a single-color, color scheme. Below is one of my favorite color combinations, blue and yellow!

blue and yellow bedroom design


Remember that a few simple pieces can really boost your color, but the amount of color is up to you! Use colors that you like and can live with on a daily basis. May your life be brightened by your new colorful bedroom!

White Bathroom Interior Design

The most important aspect of a bathroom is that it is clean, and what color says clean better than white? We already talked about white being a great color for kitchens, but white is the perfect color for any bathroom design as well! 

The Minimalist White bathroom

Minimalist White Bathroom


White is a logical color for this no-fuss design scheme. White is simple, straight forward, and neat. Just look at the clean-lined, minimalist bathroom above. The stright lines and simplicity of the design stand out when they’re complimented by the white walls and countertop. Even the rather simple bouquet of flowers adorning the top of the counter pops in the monochromatic simplicity. This design is very sharp and clean. 

White Marble Bathroom

White Marble Bathroom




For a more elegant white bathroom, pair white with marble. The picture to the left shows an antique white bathroom. Paired with marble, white can fit into any traditional design. Tall cielings and small fixtures compliment the white and marble. This bathroom has an older feeling while still maintaining the clean aesthetic that compliments white!







Off White Bathroom

Romantic Off-White BathroomImage:

A white bathroom doesn’t necessarily have to be stark white to have the same qualifiers. Take the off-white bathroom above. It is still clean and light, but the off-white color makes it a more warm and welcoming bathroom. The chandeliers and ethereal rug transform the white bathroom into a romantic, feminine bathroom.

The Space Opening Element of White

Bright, White Bathroom Image:

 The magic of white is its property as a space multiplier. The picture to above is an example of white opening a space. White reflects light, so a bathroom with mirrors (and maybe windows) will instantly be opened up. Bathrooms can often be small too, so the light, open quality of white is particularly appealing. The bathroom above is all white: white walls, white cabinets, white floors, white fixtures, but even a majority white space will have a similar open effect. 

Kitchen Design: What Can White do for Your Kitchen?

A classic kitchen design that should not be overlooked: white kitchens. Opting for white cabinets over a kitchen cabinet stain in your new construction kitchen or kitchen remodel can fullfill a variety of needs. 

white kitchen cabinets


White naturally reflects light, having a kitchen that has white will make the space seem brighter and more open, even if you don’t have windows within the immediate room. Another way to further achieve this effect is to have white glass kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets


If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen with windows, white is a great complement to the natural light.  A white kitchen with windows really pops!

White Open kitchen design


Whether your kitchen is totally white or simply has white kitchen cabinets, white is a timeless color that meshes with many interior kitchen design schemes. 

Gibson design group recently did a kitchen design with white cabinets and black granite countertops. A classic kitchen design combination.

White Kitchen cabinetsImage:

Even if traditional kitchen design is not your style. White works with modern kitchen design as well. 

Modern White Kitchen design


White is also a great way to accent a specific characteristic of your kitchen. In the picture below the highlighted beamed ceiling kitchen doesn’t compete with the white/light colors of the rest of the kitchen. 

beamed ceiling kitchen


Above all, white is not a trendy color. If your kitchen is traditionally designed in white it will never go out of style. 

What do you think of white kitchens?

Virginia Exterior Paint Colors

Please note that the colors appear on your monitor much different than in the paint deck.  Always paint a swatch on the house before embarking on the whole project.

Finding an exterior paint color is no easy task. When you want to deviate from the classic black and white combination it’s hard to know what colors will mesh well. Alexandra took a drive around her neighborhood in Charlottesville and took some pictures of homes that had unexpected, and beautiful, exterior paint color combinations.

Below are several examples of homes in Charlottesville, VA and their color combinations from Benjamin Moore

Exterior color combinations

hunter green

1 Standish White



This first house uses a classic combination, near black and white but not quite the same. The dark color is actually a dark green mixed with the white that is actually much closer to a pale yellow. The Hunter Green (2041-10) shutters serve as a stark contrast to the Standish White (HC-32) house. 



3 Jack and the Beanstalk 3 Monterey White





 This is another great non-traditional color combination. The light green, minty hue of Jack and the Beanstalk (442) shutters coordinates brilliantly with the cream color of Monterey White (HC-27). 



2 Wickham gray

2_newbury port blue

Blues can be tough but this next house is a great example of using the color for vibrancy while remaining classic. The bluish tint to the Wickham Gray (HC-171) serves as a great canvas for the Newburyport Blue (HC-155) shutters to pop. 

Also note how the above house has a red door that doesn’t match the color of the shutters.  This is what we recommend!  No matchy-matchy please.

One color from Benjamin Moore to try for this same effect is Umbria Red (1316). 

4_Umbria Red



4 Fairview Taupe shutters


 Front door and shutters don’t need to be the same color and, in my opinion, shouldn’t. Complementary colors work best. For example, Fairview Taupe (HC-85) would look great with Umbria Red (1316) as well because they provide a nice contrast. 

6 spring purple front door


 5 Santo Domingo Cream



You could also try a lavender door for something softer (the purple looks much brighter on my screen than on the paint deck so don’t be scared away). An unexpected door color that complements the main color and shutters of a house, makes a statement. Try Spring Purple (2070-40) with a Santo Domingo Cream (274) for an impressionable combination. 


What exterior color combination have you used?  What color is your front door?