As a child, I hated sharing a room with my sibling. Our room always felt dark, cramped and unorganized. Here I’ve provided 3 spaces that are open and refreshing; just as a children’s room should be!


1. Floating Bunk Beds

Here, by eliminating the bunk bed frames, the designer was able to achieve a more open floor plan. Suspending the beds with cables and rope is a nice alternative to those chunky frames, no?


2. Built-in Bunk Beds

Pushing the beds against the walls and creating an alcove allows the space to appear cleaner and more open. I love the added storage beneath the bed, perfect for extra blankets or pillows during a sleepover.


3. Something They Can Grow Into

I love that they used both twin and regular sized beds here. The fact that they appear to be built into the space and are not free standing makes the space seem less juvenile. Is this a children’s room? The space is so clean and sophisticated; I can’t tell! This is a great idea if you plan on staying in your home long-term; it is a timeless design and will need little to no adjustments as the children grow.