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Three Unique Pairings of Materials

These three products are guaranteed conversation starters!


Crockery by Misa Tanaka

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I’ve never seen anything like these! Designer Misa Tanaka won 2nd place at the 2009 Takaoka Crafts Competition in Japan. What a beautiful fusion of ceramic and glass; I would love to see these displayed in a kitchen.



Wood castings by Hilla Shamia


describe the image

describe the image

These benches and side tables are incredible!

Here wood is paired with aluminum to create these beautiful industrial looking pieces.



Vases by Karl Oskar Karlsson


Karlsson has seamlessly combined glass and wood in the design of these stunning vases.  I love the reflection of the glass paired with the warmth of the wood; makes me wish they were in production!

Best Bathroom Faucet Design

What faucet should you choose for your new or renovated bathroom? We talked before about the best kitchen faucet design, but the function of bathroom faucets are different than kitchen faucets. What type of bathroom are you choosing a faucet for: a half bath or full bath?

Half Bath Faucet Design

Hall bathrooms or half baths are used less often. The faucet you choose can be more decorative and less functional because this bathroom sink isn’t used for more than washing your hands!

Wall mount faucet and basin bowl


A really cool bathroom faucet to consider is a wall mounted faucet. Paired with a colorful bowl or large basin the combination can really define your half bath! 

wall mounted faucet and basin bowl


Full Bath Faucet Design

Full baths or bedroom baths are used much more frequently and for much more than washing your hands! Gels, creams, and other pastes are sure to get on the sink and faucet so make sure both are easy to clean.

chrome bathroom faucet


A chrome finish is the easiest to clean, this is probably the best bet for a frequently used faucet. The downside to the wall mount faucet discussed before is that you’re probably going to be getting the wall dirty and cleaning the wall as well as the faucet. This is a downside to this style faucet design. The basin look can still be achieved without a wall mount faucet, however. 

Glass Basin Bathroom SinkImage:


Bathroom faucets can be functional and trendy. You just need to consider what you will be using the faucet for and make sure it facilitates those activities!

Take Trendy Kitchen Design to the Next Level, Retro Refrigerators

Old is new again with the newest trend in kitchen interior design: retro refirgerators. Think bright colored refrigerators reminescent of the 1950s.

Big Chill Retro refrigerator


The iconic 1950s look doesn’t mean it has to function like a refrigerator from 60 years ago! Big Chill offers retro style refrigerators and a range of other appliances that have the amenities of today’s refrigerators. Choose from a variety of colors and size combinations!

Northstar also carries a line of retro refrigerators in a variety of colors.

Northstar retro refrigerators Image:

A 50s refrigerator adds a punch of color into a modern kitchen. They’re even perfect for a small space because you can get them fairly small as well. What a perfect addition to a studio apartment?

Retro Refrigerator, modern kitchen


The refrigerators don’t have to be bright either! Check out the below picture with a black, 50s style refrigerator.


vintage appliance kitchen


Get vinage appliances to match the refrigerator. The above kitchen is a great example of incorporating retro appliances into a modern kitchen. If you’re remodeling a kitchen with out-dated appliance, embrace an older stove by complimenting it with a retro refrigerator! It looks like the kitchen above may have done this, look at the amazing vintage stove top and oven!

What do you think about the new trend towards retro kitchen design?

5 Questions to Ask to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet Design

When choosing a kitchen design, kitchen faucet design may seem like an afterthought. But depending on the functions of the sink, this can change the type of faucet you choose. Here’s a guide to choosing a functional kitchen faucet:

What Kitchen Faucet Finish should you choose?

Depending on what you think is more important for your particular kitchen, scratches or ease of cleaning, this should dictate the finish you choose. 

Delta Chrome Kitchen Faucet


A chrome finished kitchen faucet holds up best to a variety of household cleaners. If you plan to use tough cleaners on your kitchen faucet this is probably the best finish to choose.

brushed nickel kitchen faucetImage:

A brushed finished kitchen faucet, on the other hand, doesn’t scratch as easily (  The brushed finish can come in a variety of colors, above is brushed nickel finish.

How many handles will your sink have?

This is of particular concern if you’re doing a kitchen redesign. How many holes do you have to fill in your existing countertop? You can opt for the standard two handle controlled sink, but here are some other options to consider:

single handle kitchen faucetImage:

A one handle kitchen faucet is popular, but this can be hard to use. Also, if you have a backsplash, you want to be sure the handle won’t interfere with the backsplash. 

High tech Aquabrass kitchen faucet


Another option is the newest technology kitchen faucet, with no handles. This faucet has digital temperature controls.

Delta touch technology kitchen sink


Another new technology is a no-hassle faucet ideal for the frequent cook and baker. No need to dirty your kitchen faucet with the easy touch technology design. It is important to note these faucets can be a little on the expensive side, howerever.  

Where is the kitchen faucet?

This question can answer many of the quesitons above, if you keep in mind what the sink is used for this can help determine the type of faucet you want. Fixture design can vary drastically depending on the location of the sink: indoor kitchen faucet design will differ a lot from outdoor kitchen faucet design. Also a bar kitchen faucet should have much different functional demands compared to the kitchen faucet in your main kitchen. Don’t spend mega bucks on the bar sink!

How often do you use the faucet and what do you use it for?

How often you use the will determine how hardy you need the kitchen faucet to be. What you use it for will determine how much swing you need. Swing is how far the faucet goes around, a faucet can be anywhere from limited stationary swing to a full unlimited swing ( How the sink functions will also determine if you need a faucet with shower capability or not. Are you washing dishes in the sink? If so, you should probably opt for the shower head capability faucet. 

What price point should you choose?

If you’re on a budget not to worry! Consumer Reports says these days all but the cheapest faucets have better valves. Most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty that covers leaks and stains” ( Interior kitchen faucet design is pretty standard quality across the board so no need to feel like you need to spend an arm and a leg for a kitchen faucet! 

Insider Finds from High Point Furniture Market

Twice a year High Point Furniture Market opens its showrooms to throngs of buyers, designers and architects from around the world to view the latest furnishings and accessories.  This week is one of the two weeks.  I spent the first weekend at the showrooms and there are some really wonderful new products and, as can be expected, some not so wonderful.  As a designer, sometimes you have to kiss a lot of furniture frogs before you can find a few princes.

Oomph Palm Beach Demi Lune Image:

Some new pieces I love are from Oomph.  They have the best lacquer tables that are available in 16 colors with 9 different table top materials.  They are also produced in the US (in Connecticut) and won’t break the bank!

Currey Newsprint Table Lamp


The High Point Furniture show is not just about furniture but also features accessories and lighting. Currey and Company Lighting was another winner for my trip. The lamp above is actually made from recycled newsprint. Nice to see a continued dedication by manufacturers to do right by the environment.


This fun, magenta chandelier needs just the right whimsical space, and it might not necessarily be where you expect. Don’t think this wouldn’t be amazing hanging as a pair over a kitchen dining island!

hot pink chandelier Image:

This is a fun storage trunk that would be terrific as a beach house storage piece and conversation starter.

kotari Trunk, Currey


Natural Light has a fabulous program for mixing and matching lamp bases, colors, shades, and finials.  They start with the base of which there are 12 style choices and then you choose from 35 colors.  It is a fabulous!

The High Point Furniture Market really does provide some great interior design inspiration and lots of exercise since there are 10 million sq. ft. of showroom spaces, 2000 exhibitors, and 180 buildings to work your way through.  Approximately 80,000 people attend each market!

As it’s only open to designers, architects, and retailers, I always make sure to attend each fall and spring so that our design firm is up to date and well-versed on what is out there to best suit each of our clients.



Kitchen Design: Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Table

A great kitchen table is the linchpin of any beautiful kitchen design and the centerpiece of all at-home entertainment. Choosing the perfect kitchen table will give family and friends a wonderful space to gather around, a comfortable and elegant setting to enjoy delicious food and wonderful fellowship.

When choosing a kitchen table, you should consider the proportions of your space, the overall design of your room, and the setting that you are trying to achieve. To get you started, we have listed three types of kitchen tables and the kitchen designs that they work well with.

Classic Rectangle Kitchen Table

A long wooden table has long been the favored centerpiece of kitchen design, and it’s tough to beat the classics. This versatile design works everywhere from a farmhouse kitchen to an elegant dining room, depending on the style of wood that you choose.

kitchen table Photo: Apartment Therapy

The simple stone top and rough wooden beams lend a rustic elegance to this spacious country kitchen. When using a rectangle table, there is room to get creative with your seating. Cover chairs in leather or plush fabric will give your table a more luxurious feel, while painted picnic benches would promote a more casual atmosphere.

The Round Kitchen Table

Round tables are a great way to make the most of smaller spaces and create comfortable, intimate seating. Once again, the look depends a lot on the material that you use. If you want to inject a note of formality into your dining space, go for dark, rich woods and ornamental bases. If you want to keep your kitchen open and light, consider choosing a glass table top with a simple metal or wrought iron base.

kitchen tablePhoto: Austrailian Vogue Living, Richard Powers

Here, the table’s rich dark wood complements the formal elegance of antique chairs and provides a strong focal point within the room’s white paneling.


Banquette seating is a great way to add both storage and seating to your kitchen. Banquettes are best used in more casual kitchen and breakfast nooks, rather than formal dining rooms.

kitchen tablePhoto:

Banquette seating is a great way to inject a playful note in your kitchen design. Here, fabric and pillows add color and pattern the kitchen’s design, while the simple, elegant glass table balances everything out.