Here are some interesting alternatives to conventional kitchen countertops! Homeowners are now looking at materials such as concrete, aluminum and wood to set their homes apart from the norm!


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Concrete is a trendy and new alternative to granite. It has become popular in kitchens due to its wide versatility.  You can apply many different stains and textures to concrete. Here is an example of a concrete countertop that has been stained and “stamped” with a wooden texture!


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Pretty amazing, huh? Concrete is also extremely durable! Homeowners rarely have to worry about chips or breakage.

Recycled  aluminum

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If you desire a contemporary kitchen with a commercial appearance then you may want to consider recycled aluminum for your countertops!

Recycled aluminum is an eco friendly alternative to stainless steel and is more economical.
These Eleekinc counters contain 90% recycled material and are very durable.



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Wooden Ikea countertops via

Wooden countertops are in my opinion, the most beautiful. They come in a wide variety of species and stains, and can be cut to show an array of different wood grains. You even have the option of using reclaimed wood if you are looking to take the sustainable route.

There’s no denying that wood has a beautiful appearance, however, homeowners need to remember that wooden countertops require more care and maintenance than countertops made of granite or linoleum.Wooden countertops require special food-safe finishes and water-resistant sealants.