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Three Alternatives to Granite Countertops







Here are some interesting alternatives to conventional kitchen countertops! Homeowners are now looking at materials such as concrete, aluminum and wood to set their homes apart from the norm!


Picture 4

Concrete is a trendy and new alternative to granite. It has become popular in kitchens due to its wide versatility.  You can apply many different stains and textures to concrete. Here is an example of a concrete countertop that has been stained and “stamped” with a wooden texture!


Picture 2 copy

Pretty amazing, huh? Concrete is also extremely durable! Homeowners rarely have to worry about chips or breakage.

Recycled  aluminum

eleekaluminumcountertop copy

If you desire a contemporary kitchen with a commercial appearance then you may want to consider recycled aluminum for your countertops!

Recycled aluminum is an eco friendly alternative to stainless steel and is more economical.
These Eleekinc counters contain 90% recycled material and are very durable.



describe the image

Wooden Ikea countertops via

Wooden countertops are in my opinion, the most beautiful. They come in a wide variety of species and stains, and can be cut to show an array of different wood grains. You even have the option of using reclaimed wood if you are looking to take the sustainable route.

There’s no denying that wood has a beautiful appearance, however, homeowners need to remember that wooden countertops require more care and maintenance than countertops made of granite or linoleum.Wooden countertops require special food-safe finishes and water-resistant sealants.

5 Questions to Ask to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet Design

When choosing a kitchen design, kitchen faucet design may seem like an afterthought. But depending on the functions of the sink, this can change the type of faucet you choose. Here’s a guide to choosing a functional kitchen faucet:

What Kitchen Faucet Finish should you choose?

Depending on what you think is more important for your particular kitchen, scratches or ease of cleaning, this should dictate the finish you choose. 

Delta Chrome Kitchen Faucet


A chrome finished kitchen faucet holds up best to a variety of household cleaners. If you plan to use tough cleaners on your kitchen faucet this is probably the best finish to choose.

brushed nickel kitchen faucetImage:

A brushed finished kitchen faucet, on the other hand, doesn’t scratch as easily (  The brushed finish can come in a variety of colors, above is brushed nickel finish.

How many handles will your sink have?

This is of particular concern if you’re doing a kitchen redesign. How many holes do you have to fill in your existing countertop? You can opt for the standard two handle controlled sink, but here are some other options to consider:

single handle kitchen faucetImage:

A one handle kitchen faucet is popular, but this can be hard to use. Also, if you have a backsplash, you want to be sure the handle won’t interfere with the backsplash. 

High tech Aquabrass kitchen faucet


Another option is the newest technology kitchen faucet, with no handles. This faucet has digital temperature controls.

Delta touch technology kitchen sink


Another new technology is a no-hassle faucet ideal for the frequent cook and baker. No need to dirty your kitchen faucet with the easy touch technology design. It is important to note these faucets can be a little on the expensive side, howerever.  

Where is the kitchen faucet?

This question can answer many of the quesitons above, if you keep in mind what the sink is used for this can help determine the type of faucet you want. Fixture design can vary drastically depending on the location of the sink: indoor kitchen faucet design will differ a lot from outdoor kitchen faucet design. Also a bar kitchen faucet should have much different functional demands compared to the kitchen faucet in your main kitchen. Don’t spend mega bucks on the bar sink!

How often do you use the faucet and what do you use it for?

How often you use the will determine how hardy you need the kitchen faucet to be. What you use it for will determine how much swing you need. Swing is how far the faucet goes around, a faucet can be anywhere from limited stationary swing to a full unlimited swing ( How the sink functions will also determine if you need a faucet with shower capability or not. Are you washing dishes in the sink? If so, you should probably opt for the shower head capability faucet. 

What price point should you choose?

If you’re on a budget not to worry! Consumer Reports says these days all but the cheapest faucets have better valves. Most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty that covers leaks and stains” ( Interior kitchen faucet design is pretty standard quality across the board so no need to feel like you need to spend an arm and a leg for a kitchen faucet! 

Kitchen Design: What Can White do for Your Kitchen?

A classic kitchen design that should not be overlooked: white kitchens. Opting for white cabinets over a kitchen cabinet stain in your new construction kitchen or kitchen remodel can fullfill a variety of needs. 

white kitchen cabinets


White naturally reflects light, having a kitchen that has white will make the space seem brighter and more open, even if you don’t have windows within the immediate room. Another way to further achieve this effect is to have white glass kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets


If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen with windows, white is a great complement to the natural light.  A white kitchen with windows really pops!

White Open kitchen design


Whether your kitchen is totally white or simply has white kitchen cabinets, white is a timeless color that meshes with many interior kitchen design schemes. 

Gibson design group recently did a kitchen design with white cabinets and black granite countertops. A classic kitchen design combination.

White Kitchen cabinetsImage:

Even if traditional kitchen design is not your style. White works with modern kitchen design as well. 

Modern White Kitchen design


White is also a great way to accent a specific characteristic of your kitchen. In the picture below the highlighted beamed ceiling kitchen doesn’t compete with the white/light colors of the rest of the kitchen. 

beamed ceiling kitchen


Above all, white is not a trendy color. If your kitchen is traditionally designed in white it will never go out of style. 

What do you think of white kitchens?

Kitchen Design: Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Table

A great kitchen table is the linchpin of any beautiful kitchen design and the centerpiece of all at-home entertainment. Choosing the perfect kitchen table will give family and friends a wonderful space to gather around, a comfortable and elegant setting to enjoy delicious food and wonderful fellowship.

When choosing a kitchen table, you should consider the proportions of your space, the overall design of your room, and the setting that you are trying to achieve. To get you started, we have listed three types of kitchen tables and the kitchen designs that they work well with.

Classic Rectangle Kitchen Table

A long wooden table has long been the favored centerpiece of kitchen design, and it’s tough to beat the classics. This versatile design works everywhere from a farmhouse kitchen to an elegant dining room, depending on the style of wood that you choose.

kitchen table Photo: Apartment Therapy

The simple stone top and rough wooden beams lend a rustic elegance to this spacious country kitchen. When using a rectangle table, there is room to get creative with your seating. Cover chairs in leather or plush fabric will give your table a more luxurious feel, while painted picnic benches would promote a more casual atmosphere.

The Round Kitchen Table

Round tables are a great way to make the most of smaller spaces and create comfortable, intimate seating. Once again, the look depends a lot on the material that you use. If you want to inject a note of formality into your dining space, go for dark, rich woods and ornamental bases. If you want to keep your kitchen open and light, consider choosing a glass table top with a simple metal or wrought iron base.

kitchen tablePhoto: Austrailian Vogue Living, Richard Powers

Here, the table’s rich dark wood complements the formal elegance of antique chairs and provides a strong focal point within the room’s white paneling.


Banquette seating is a great way to add both storage and seating to your kitchen. Banquettes are best used in more casual kitchen and breakfast nooks, rather than formal dining rooms.

kitchen tablePhoto:

Banquette seating is a great way to inject a playful note in your kitchen design. Here, fabric and pillows add color and pattern the kitchen’s design, while the simple, elegant glass table balances everything out.

Kitchen Cabinet Design: 3 Cabinet Stains for Kitchen Design

As we pointed out in last week’s post about glass cabinets, the style and texture of your kitchen cabinets can define your kitchen design. Different cabinet stains and colors can give an entirely different feel to your room, transforming your kitchen design with a few coats of paint or stain.

To take your kitchen cabinet design in a different direction, check out these three stains and the kitchen designs that they go well with.

3 Cabinet Stains for Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design: Rustic Elegance

Cabinet Stain: Cherry or darker wood

Richly colored woods such as cherry or mahogany add warmth to a rustic-style kitchen. These woods are best paired with warm, earthy colors, such as deep reds or golden yellows.

Kitchen Cabinet DesignPhoto:

Complete the rustic look with thoughtful details. Wrought iron cabinet pulls, gleaming copper pots, and brick accents are a great way to add small touches of rustic elegance.

Kitchen Design: Streamlined Contemporary

Cabinet Stain: Gray or Black

Dark gray or black cabinets create clean, well-defined lines in your kitchen, making the overall space appear neatly contemporary. For black or gray cabinets, you can choose between a very dark stain or a semi-gloss or gloss paint. Paint creates a smooth, uniform finish, while stain allows some of the wood’s original grain to show through.

Kitchen Cabinet DesignPhoto: Flickr, The Estate of Things

Gleaming silver and white hardware completes the contemporary look. Make sure to enliven the more minimalist design with a few well-chosen accents, such as pretty storage jars, open dish shelving, or distinctive table centerpieces.

Kitchen Design: Light and Airy

Cabinet Stain: Light Oak or Maple

While darker stains risk overwhelming a small kitchen, lighter cabinet stains immediately open up a kitchen design scheme. Light oak or maple stains are extremely versatile and can be paired with a variety of paint colors or counters.

Kitchen Cabinet DesignPhoto:

Make sure to anchor lighter cabinets with other darker accents, such as black appliances, darker counters, or rich paint colors.


Cabinet Design Tips: Glass Cabinets for Kitchen Design

Glass cabinets are a great way to ensure an organized kitchen design. Transparent glass cabinet doors force you to prioritize neatness on your kitchen shelves, since every item on them will be clearly visible.

In addition to this forced organization, glass cabinets provide a light, airy alternative to traditional wooden cabinet doors, immediately opening up a small place and adding subtle texture and shine.

The style of your glass cabinet doors should be chosen to match the overall design of the room. For example, if you are envisioning a charming country kitchen, you could choose windowpane-style glass cabinets in lighter paint colors.

glass cabinetsPhoto:

Painting the back of your cabinets or covering them with fabric is a great way to tie your cabinet design to your room’s color scheme. The painted blue boards in the above cabinets complement the neatly stacked blue and white dishes and enliven the neutral white of the cabinet doors.

If your room’s aesthetic is more modern, you might want to consider single panel glass cabinet doors. The uninterrupted stretch of glass would fit right in with a sleek, contemporary design scheme. Here, tinted glass cabinets offer clean lines and a stark black and white color scheme, complementing the room’s spare, minimalist design.

glass cabinet designPhoto:

Whether your kitchen is traditional or contemporary, country or whimsical, glass cabinets are a great way to enhance your design scheme while also displaying your favorite dishes. This relatively simple change can transform your room and add the final touch to the design that you have been envisioning.