Please note that the colors appear on your monitor much different than in the paint deck.  Always paint a swatch on the house before embarking on the whole project.

Finding an exterior paint color is no easy task. When you want to deviate from the classic black and white combination it’s hard to know what colors will mesh well. Alexandra took a drive around her neighborhood in Charlottesville and took some pictures of homes that had unexpected, and beautiful, exterior paint color combinations.

Below are several examples of homes in Charlottesville, VA and their color combinations from Benjamin Moore

Exterior color combinations

hunter green

1 Standish White



This first house uses a classic combination, near black and white but not quite the same. The dark color is actually a dark green mixed with the white that is actually much closer to a pale yellow. The Hunter Green (2041-10) shutters serve as a stark contrast to the Standish White (HC-32) house. 



3 Jack and the Beanstalk 3 Monterey White





 This is another great non-traditional color combination. The light green, minty hue of Jack and the Beanstalk (442) shutters coordinates brilliantly with the cream color of Monterey White (HC-27). 



2 Wickham gray

2_newbury port blue

Blues can be tough but this next house is a great example of using the color for vibrancy while remaining classic. The bluish tint to the Wickham Gray (HC-171) serves as a great canvas for the Newburyport Blue (HC-155) shutters to pop. 

Also note how the above house has a red door that doesn’t match the color of the shutters.  This is what we recommend!  No matchy-matchy please.

One color from Benjamin Moore to try for this same effect is Umbria Red (1316). 

4_Umbria Red



4 Fairview Taupe shutters


 Front door and shutters don’t need to be the same color and, in my opinion, shouldn’t. Complementary colors work best. For example, Fairview Taupe (HC-85) would look great with Umbria Red (1316) as well because they provide a nice contrast. 

6 spring purple front door


 5 Santo Domingo Cream



You could also try a lavender door for something softer (the purple looks much brighter on my screen than on the paint deck so don’t be scared away). An unexpected door color that complements the main color and shutters of a house, makes a statement. Try Spring Purple (2070-40) with a Santo Domingo Cream (274) for an impressionable combination. 


What exterior color combination have you used?  What color is your front door?