Branding YOUR Business Through Design

Doctor's office in CharlottesvilleGibson Design Group approaches commercial design differently than most firms.  When we design for commercial clients, we view the design as marketing as much as it is interior design.

During the design process, we not only meet with you and your team about space planning and finishes, but we also work with you to thoroughly understand your target market, your corporate culture, who you are andwho you want to appeal to.

If you understand the need to brand your business and create an identity that your target market can identify, carrying that brand through your interior design is critical .  Gibson Design Group understands this need and understands that this piece of the branding puzzle can set you apart from your competitors.

The Gibson Design Group team would be happy to work with you on your:

  • Corporate offices
  • Professional offices
  • Health care facilities
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Bars & taverns
  • Multi-family models