Elegant outdoor living areas add a warm and gracious touch to any home, opening up so many possibilities for entertaining and family fun. With some careful planning and a healthy dose of creativity, you can create a comfortable, elegant outdoor living area where your family will enjoy everything from quiet fall evenings to large summer barbecues. Check out our tips and get started on designing your own elegant outdoor living area.

Divide your outdoor living space into smaller areas

Use different groupings of furniture to make a large outdoor space feel more intimate and cozy. Designate one area for dining, one for cooking, and another for casual seating. Position furniture or plants to create subtle divides without entirely blocking off each section.

Elegant outdoor living areaPhoto: Gibson Design Group

Here, bamboo partitions subtly and beautifully divide the dining and seating areas while still allowing the space to feel open and airy.

Anchor your space with fire

A dramatic fireplace is a great way to anchor your outdoor living area while also boosting its capability. A roaring fire will help keep your space warm even during colder months, ensuring that you get as much use out of your outdoor living area as possible.

Elegant Outdoor Living AreasPhoto: Architectural Digest via www.theenchantedhome.blogspot.com

If a stone fireplace is rather out of your price range, consider adding a large firepit. Open firepits give off a lot of warmth, and they are usually a hit with any smores-loving children.

Dont’ Be Afraid of Using Fabric

Pretty fabrics do not have to be confined to the indoors. As outdoor living areas have grown more and more popular, manufacturers are churning out fabric that can stand up to moisture and humidity. Using abundant fabric in your outdoor living area instantly makes the space feel more luxurious and comfortable.

Elegant Outdoor Living AreasPhoto: www.experienceoutdoorliving.com