Historically, wing chairs served a practical purpose: to protect the head from drafts and keep in the heat in the colonial wintertime. Nowadays, they are the perfect traditional addition to living room design

interesting wing chairs

Image: Modern2designers.com

Wing chairs or wing back chairs are upholstered chairs with high backs, “wings” (hence their name), arm rests, and many have exposed wooden legs. Although the definition of a wing chair has become much more broad. They come in a variety of types: all kinds of different wing shapes, sizes, and styles.  

A few interesting wing chairs are shown. They accent family room design or living room design nicely. They may even serve as an elegant touch to a bedroom. 

English Georgian Wing chair with walnut legs:

Georgian wing chair 1800s

Image: http://www.oneofakindantiques.com

Chesterfield wing Chair:

Chesterfield wing chair

Image: http://www.chesterfieldsofacompany.com

Queen Anne wing chair:

Queen Anne Wing Chair

Image: http://www.richardrothstein.com

It’s easy to see these chairs fitting into a classic living room. If traditional antique design isn’t your style, there is even a modern design wing chair. It’s really cool to see the modern take on this colonial classic…

Chimney wing chair by Edward Ferrel:

Chimney wing chair

Duncan Chair by Oly Studio:

Duncan Chair by oly studio

Images: elledecor.com

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