Can’t afford to upgrade to a larger home or apartment? No problem! Here are some easy ways you can enlarge the appearance of your home without demolishing walls or breaking the bank.



1.  Enlarge the appearance of your windows

You can make a room appear larger by raising and extending your curtain rods past the height and length of your windows.

You will want the curtains to surpass the length of the window by a few inches, and hang several inches above the window casing.  Oh, and be sure to pick a curtain length that reaches all the way to the floor!


Here is an image that demonstrates this idea:

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2.  Purchase the right size furniture


Even I am guilty of purchasing furniture that is too large for a space. It is very important that you choose furniture that is to scale; choosing furniture that is too large for a room will just make the space appear smaller.

Also, if you’re really tight on space you could consider purchasing multifunctional or extendable furniture to eliminate clutter!

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3. Choose a light paint color for your walls


Dark colored walls absorb light, which can cause a space to feel smaller than it really is.

Light colored walls, however, are more reflective so they have the ability to make a space feel more open or airy.

By choosing paint colors that are lighter in the color spectrum (such as light blues, greys and creams) one can inexpensively change the way a room feels.


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