How do you create elegant outdoor living areas with an expansive yard and not much landscape? This is a problem for many residence, especially when creating outdoor living areas in Virginia. One solution: yard and garden ornaments. 

The Phillips Collection

The Phillips Collection, sheep yard ornamentsImage:

The Phillips Collection is a great way to jazz up your expansive backyard! Whether you’re looking for a realistic, animal sculpture or a basin fountain the Phillips Collection has a variety of garden ornaments to meet your needs. Our very own Andrea Gibson of Gibson Design Group has two of the above sheep in her backyard! The fun yard ornaments break up a sparce backyard. Other items include a variety of sculptures: buddha sculptures, vase sculptures, spherical sculptures; and furniture and touches for your outdoor design. 

Phillips Collection Sculpture


Garden Park Antiques

Antique Chimney Pot


If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind garden antique to define your outdoor space, Keith Merry’s Garden Park Antiques in Nashville, TN is where you should look. Antique Furniture, antique lighting, antique ironwork, antique sculptures, antique architectural pieces, etc. can be found at Garden Park Antiques. Beautiful terracotta flower pots, iron railings, and miscellaneous items make up the ever-changing inventory at Garden Park Antiques. If you’re fortunate enough to live in or around this area, visit the Garden Park Antique showroom for all your Nashville, TN yard ornament needs! If not, you can also get the unique pieces shipped to you on their website. 

Garden Park Antique, Antique cast-iron Garden urn